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CEDR Accredited Mediator
Tel No:(852) 2524 2156
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Carol Wong王洛媛大律師

Academic Qualifications
LLB (University of Hong Kong)
PCLL (University of Hong Kong)
LLM (University of Cambridge)
Bar Scholarship, Hong Kong Bar Association (2012)
Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship, Hong Kong Bar Association (2012)
British Chevening Postgraduate Scholarship, British Council and HSBC (full scholarship for LLM studies at the University of Cambridge) (2011)
Best Non-Native Speaking Team Award, International Criminal Court Trial Competition, the Hague (2011)
Dean’s Honours List (2007-2008, 2009-2010)
Neil Kaplan Award (Hon. Mention) for Best Oralist, Eric Bersten Award (Hon. Mention) and Peter Sanders Award (Hon. Mention) for Best Claimant’s Memorandum, Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Hong Kong and Vienna (2010)
Deacons Cup for Best Oralist and Hong Kong Bar Association Cup for Best Team, University of Hong Kong Compulsory Moot Competition (2009)
Best Oralist and Champion Team, Arculli Fong & Ng in association with King & Wood Basic Law Moot (2009)
First Runner-up, Asian Law Students’ Association International Humanitarian Law Moot, Malaysia (2008)
Hong Kong University Foundation Entrance Scholarship, University of Hong Kong (2007)
Young Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship, University of Hong Kong (2007)
London International Public Speaking Scholarship, English Speaking Union (2007)
Grantham Scholars of the Year Award, Grantham Scholarship Fund (2006)
Other Professional Qualifications
Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb)
CEDR Accredited Mediator
PRC Chinese Commercial Mediator, Shanghai Kai Sheng Mediator Academy
Carol has a broad practice in general civil and commercial matters, contract, tort, land and property, matrimonial, equity and trust, company, insolvency, bankruptcy and arbitration. She has appeared at all levels from the Magistrates’ Court to the Court of Final Appeal. Besides litigation, Carol has experience as a mediator in contractual, property and family related disputes. She is akin to a native speaker in Putonghua and has ample experience in handling PRC clients.
Selected Cases
Land, property and building management
> Darren Robert Barton v. Discovery Bay Services Management Ltd, LDBM 23/2018, judgment dated 28 December 2018. [2018] HKLDT 93: Represented the Chairman of a village committee of Discovery Bay in a 4-day trial at the Lands Tribunal to seek declaratory and injunctive relief in relation to acts of the management company which involves the interpretation of the sub-deed of mutual covenant.
> Case No. 189-2016 to 196-2016, Buildings Appeal Tribunal, March 2018: Represented the Incorporated Owners in the hearing of an appeal against various building orders issued by the Building Authority.
> Wong Pui Wan v. Wong Wing Kwong, Wong Wing Ming and Wong Sau Ping, [2018] HKDC 160, DCCJ 118/2014, judgment dated 12 February 2018: Represented the adverse possessor in a 12-day trial on adverse possession, easement etc. 
> Szeto Yuk Lin v. Kanton Limited, Incorporated Owners of Pak Fai Mansion and others, HCMP 251/2016, judgments dated 6 October 2017, 1 December 2017 and 27 December 2017: Represented the Incorporated Owners in the procedural matters of an action for breach of the deed of mutual covenant and trespass.
> Tai Fat Development (Holding) Company Limited v. The Incorporated Owners of Hold King Industrial Building (2017) 20 HKCFAR 325, FACV 13/2016, judgment dated 4 July 2017: Represented the Incorporated Owners in the Court of Final Appeal on a dispute concerning the construction of the deed of mutual covenant.
> The Incorporated Owners of San Po Kong Mansion v. On Rich (HK) Investment Limited, HCA 557/2013, judgment dated 27 October 2017: Represented an owner in a 4-day trial on building management disputes between the Incorporated Owners and the co-owners; contribution and apportionment of expenses arising out of various litigation proceedings of the building; construction of the deed of mutual covenant and the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344). 
> Fairwing Investment Ltd v Wan Sai Chung and Wan Sai Hang HCA 2460/2014, judgment dated 10 May 2016:  Summary judgment application to vacate an instrument pending registration in the Land Registry.
> Siu Kai Ming v Lau Sai Hing (2015) 18 HKCFAR 38, FACV 8/2014, judgment dated 5 February 2015:  An appeal to the Court of Final Appeal on land contracts involving the exercise of option or pre-emptive right therein.  Also appeared at the Court of Appeal.  See CACV 143/2013, judgments dated 13 June 2014 and 20 March 2014.
> Che Sio Fong v Fung Wai Kam DCCJ 987/2012, judgment dated 7 January 2015: Application in a land dispute to enforce an injunction by lifting a stay of execution and opposing a request for stay of execution under a liberty to apply provision.
> Advised and appeared in court on adverse possession, boundary disputes, vacating registration in the Land Registry, breach of deed of mutual covenant, breach of Government lease and re-entry by Government, bona vacantia (vesting of properties in the Government due to dissolution of companies), small village houses in the New Territories, rescission of the sale and purchase agreement of land, manager’s responsibilities  etc.

General civil and commercial, tort and defamation
> Lai Yiu Mun Susanna ( 黎驍敏 v. Tsang Kai Choy Paul ( 曾繼才 ), Lau Hop Ying ( 劉俠英 ) and Lau Heup Yin Jessica ( 劉俠賢 ) [2019] HKCFI 642 and 732, HCA 142/2017, judgments dated 8 March 2019 and 18 March 2019: 8-day trial on misrepresentation leading to transfer of property and money, which was aborted on 6th day due to judge’s recusal.
> Non-refoulement case, 15 November 2018: Represented the Director of Immigration in a non-refoulement claim of an alleged torture claimant.
> LAA 206/2017, May 2017: Legal Aid Appeal hearing for the aided person. 
> Yuen Chi Man Daniel v Cheng Pui Man HCA 1410/2014, judgment dated 8 December 2015:  Striking out application in relation to a defamation claim.
> Wai Chun Incorporation Limited and Profit Choice (HK) Limited v 羅民基  [2015] 5 HKLRD 368, DCCJ 1980/2012, judgments dated 23 September 2015 and 26 November 2015: 4-day trial involving a negligence claim in the employment context.
> Tsang Yuet Mui, v Wan On and others HCMP 2314/2012, judgment dated 13 October 2015:  Amendment of judgment under O. 20 r.11.
> 李超明 v 天傳有限公司,香港國際機場管理局維修部 and 通力電梯 ( 香港 有限公司 CACV 29/2015, Chinese judgment dated 6 August 2015:  Appeal hearing of a security for costs application.
> Fok Hing (HK) Trading Limited and PT. Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur TBK v Gunawan-indra, trading as Bumipala Dhanadwipa (also known as Toko Indonesia Gajahmada) CACV 74/2014, judgment dated 4 July 2014: Striking out of a notice of appeal to appeal against a default judgment.
> Re Martin John Pointer QC [2014] 2 HKLRD 498, HCMP 3453/2013, judgment dated 28 February 2014: Ad hoc admission of a London QC under section 27 of the Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap 159).
> Advised and appeared in court on security for costs, discovery, interrogatories, conflict of laws and other cross-border disputes, disputes within unincorporated associations and various civil procedure matters etc. 

> HCA 2934/2018, High Court, December 2018: Application for ex parte Mareva injunction and an ancillary disclosure order concerning a potential religious fraud case.
> HCA 2102/2017, High Court, September 2018: Represented the Defendant to oppose an injunction to restrain the transfer of money, use of mobile phones and purported acts of harassments.
> LDBM 23/2018, Lands Tribunal, May 2018: Represented the Chairman of a village committee in Discovery Bay for an urgent interlocutory injunction against the manager to restrain the holding of a meeting for the election of the officers of the village committee.
> Lau Wing Yiu v Ng Mok Hing and others HCA 165/2016, judgment dated 22 January 2016:  Application for an urgent injunction in relation to the right of way in a village house in the New Territories.
> DCCJ 4533/2015, District Court, October 2015:  Application for an ex parte domestic Mareva injunction and an ancillary disclosure order concerning a commercial fraud case. 
> LDBM 314/2013, Lands TribunalNovember 2014: Appeared on behalf of the Incorporated Owners in opposing an injunction application for holding of meeting.
DCCJ 1778/2014, District CourtMay 2014: Application for an ex parte domestic Mareva injunction and an ancillary disclosure order concerning a commercial fraud case.  
X v. A and others HCA 2433/2013, judgment dated 5 February 2014: Application for an ex parte worldwide Mareva injunction and leave for service outside jurisdiction against three parties to freeze their assets inside and outside jurisdiction concerning a commercial fraud case.  Application for ancillary disclosure orders against five additional parties including banks to reveal the status of the assets of the enjoined parties.

> FCMP 11524/2017 and FCMC 15494/2016, January 2019: Appeared on behalf of the husband in the Financial Dispute Resolution hearing.
> FCMP 121/2017, February 2018: Appeared on behalf of the child for an application for directions for scientific tests in support of declaration of natural father and maintenance.
> FCMC 2927/2007, March 2017: Appeared on behalf of the husband in the Children’s Dispute Resolution hearing. 
> FCJA 2096/2010, September 2016: Appeared on behalf of the wife to defend an application to vary a maintenance order in a trial.
> 楊 v  FCMC 4782/2015, Chinese judgment dated 4 July 2016 : Appeared on behalf of the Respondent (wife) to defend a divorce petition on the ground of two years separation in a trial.
> FCMC 1240/2012, August 2014: Appeared on behalf of the Intervener (wife’s mother) in a matrimonial trial in relation to an application under section 17 of the Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Ordinance (Cap 192).
> Advised on child custody and ancillary relief applications, setting aside orders granted in divorce proceedings etc; attended hearings in relation to financial and children dispute resolutions.

> Attended an arbitration hearing which the High Court ordered a remission based on the arbitrator’s omission to consider an issue on limitation.  Arbitral award granted in October 2015.
> A v. B [2015] 3 HKLRD 586, HCCT 40/2014, judgment dated 15 June 2015: Application to set aside an arbitral award.
Banking, company, insolvency and bankruptcy 
> On Sky Enterprise (HK) Limited v. Lanco International Holdings Limited and others [2017] 1 HKLRD 941, HCA 529/2010 and HCMP 921/2010, judgment dated 8 December 2016:  9-day trial in relation to various loan and guarantee agreements, undue influence, misrepresentation, indemnity and contribution, pre-judgment and post-judgment interest. 
> Re Xu Xiuzhiex parte CTBC Bank Co. Ltd (formerly known as Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ltd) HCB 8815/2014, judgment dated 2 September 2015:  Defending a bankruptcy petition of the Creditor.
> The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited v Xu Xiuzhi HCMP 1637/2014 in November 2014: Defending an Order 88 mortgage action.
> Re Mitsa (HK) Limited HCCW 67/2012, judgment dated 30 October 2013: Winding-up case involving the application for indemnity costs against a company and its directors subject to winding-up proceedings.
> Advised and appeared in court on shareholders’ and other disputes within companies, unfair prejudice actions, derivative actions, enforcement of securities etc.

Other related practice
Carol has been actively involved in Mainland China affairs.  She has been appointed as a legal consultant of Wintell & Co., a Shanghai law firm, since 2015.  She has also participated in various mock arbitration demonstrations in Qingdao, Shanghai, Nanjing and Nansha to promote Hong Kong arbitration.  She was also a speaker at the Hong Kong Legal Services Forum 2018 held in Guangzhou organized by the Department of Justice (5 September 2018).

Carol has taught at different universities:-
> Gave lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Peking University on the Rule of Law from 2014. Further appointed as a course lecturer of the Faculty of Law for “Common Law Course – Public Law” in 2017.  
> Gave lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students in East China University of Political Science and Law on Conflict of Laws from 2015.
> Appointed as a part-time lecturer of the Faculty of Law and gave lectures to undergraduate students at the University of Hong Kong on Tort Law from 2015 to 2016.

Carol has given seminars to professionals in Hong Kong and Mainland China:-
>  Acted as trainer in the advocacy trainings to pupils organized by the Advocacy Training Council (January 2019)
> Gave seminar to barristers on “Common Pitfalls and Practical Skills in Handling Adverse Possession Cases”, Special Committee on Land, Trust & Probate Law, Hong Kong Bar Association (4 December 2018)
> Gave CPD seminars to Hong Kong solicitors and The Small and Medium Law Firms Association of Hong Kong (SAMLAW) on “The Practical Aspects of Injunctions in Litigation” (8 August 2018; 12 January 2017; 8 July 2017; 13 July 2017)
>  Gave CPD seminar to Hong Kong solicitors at the Sir Oswald Cheung’s Memorial Fund CPD series on “Some Issues on Divorces with Cross-border Elements”, including topics on jurisdiction issues in family law matters (28 May 2018)
> Gave seminar on “What Has the Rule of Law to Do With Us” for Rotary Club of Peninsula South (3 May 2018)
> Gave CPD seminar to Hong Kong solicitors on “Practical Aspects of Building Management and Property Litigation” (21 March 2018; 5 September 2017)
> Gave CPD seminars to Hong Kong solicitors and also in a Shanghai law firm, Wintell & Co. 瀛泰律師事務所 , on “Cross-border Legal Issues”, including jurisdiction, choice of law, enforcement, interim measures etc (16 March 2018; 17 November 2016).   
> Gave CPD seminars to Hong Kong solicitors at the Sir Oswald Cheung’s Memorial Fund CPD series on “Practical Aspects of Building Management Litigation” (26 July 2017)
> Gave CPD seminar at Clifford Chance, Hong Kong on “A question of interest – how the courts calculate?”, including topics on contractual interest, statutory interest and interest under common law and equity; application of pre-judgment and post-judgment interest, simple and compound interest, and other practical matters in relation to the calculation of interest in drafting and litigation (13 June 2017).
> Gave seminar to Hong Kong accountants for the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants on “Shareholders’ Protection in Private Companies” on derivative action, unfair prejudice petition, just and equitable winding up etc. (11 October 2016).
> Gave CPD seminar to Hong Kong solicitors on “New Territories Land Matters – Overview and Practical Issues”, on adverse possession, easement, small village houses, handling old mortgages etc. (5 October 2016).
> Gave seminar in a Shanghai law firm Co-Effort Law Firm LLP 協力律師事務所 on “Cross-border Legal Issues”, including jurisdiction, choice of law, enforcement, interim measures etc. (25 March 2016).
> Gave seminar in a Shenzhen law firm (Shenxin Lawyers 深信律師事務所 ) on Hong Kong legal system (24 August 2015).
> Gave CPD seminar to Hong Kong solicitors on “Cross-border Legal Issues”, including jurisdiction, choice of law, enforcement, interim measures etc (15 August 2015).
> Gave seminar to Hong Kong accountants for the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants on “The Insolvency Regime for Accountants” (13 July 2015).

Further, as a member of the Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee, Carol has given seminars on the Basic Law and the Constitutional Law to various secondary and primary school students in the Hong Kong Basic Law Ambassador Scheme organized by the Hong Kong Government (28 November 2018; 28 September 2018).

Public Services
Committee member, Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee, appointed by the Chief Executive and chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR Government (since 2018)
Committee member (since 2018) of Working Group on Teachers and Students and Convener (since 2019) of Working Group on Community Outside Hong Kong, Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee Committee member, Special Committee on Land, Trust & Probate Law, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2019)
Vice-Chairman, Young Barristers’ Committee, Hong Kong Bar Association (2015-2017) (and as Committee member in 2014-2015 and since 2017)
Honorary Secretary, Greater China Affairs Committee, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2018) (and as Committee member since 2014)
Committee member, China Practice Development Committee, Hong Kong Bar Association (2015-2017)
Executive committee member, University of Hong Kong Law Alumni Association (2013-2015)
Executive committee member, British Chevening Scholars (HK) Association (2012-2013) 

Contributing Editor of Hong Kong Civil Procedure (White Book) (since 2015)
Editor of Annotated Ordinance of Hong Kong on New Territories Ordinance (Cap. 97), New Territories (Renewable Government Lease) Ordinance (Cap. 152), Places of Public Entertainment Ordinance (Cap. 172) and Partition Ordinance (Cap. 352) (2018)
Chapter 7 on “Contribution of Co-owners to Building Management Expenses", Conveyancing Litigation in Hong Kong, Second Edition, LexisNexis, 2019 (First Edition in 2017)
Chapter 4 on “Mareva injunctions”, Law of Injunctions in Hong Kong, Second Edition, LexisNexis, 2018 (First Edition in 2016)
“The Application of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Bill”, Discussion of Civil and Commercial Law by Hong Kong Barristers, Chung Hwa Book Co. (HK) Ltd., 2014 (in Chinese), also published in Shanghai Lawyer, Volume 9 of 2014 (in Chinese)
“A Battle of Wits with Fraudsters: Domestic and Worldwide Mareva Injunction”, Shanghai Lawyer, Volume 2 of 2014 (in Chinese)
Editor of Hong Kong Journal of Legal Studies (2009-2010)
English and Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua). Having obtained the National Putonghua Proficiency Certificate (scoring 89/100), Carol is akin to a native Putonghua speaker.

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