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Prisca Cheung張信靈大律師

Academic Qualifications
MA in Jurisprudence (University of Oxford)
Middle Temple Advocacy Scholarship (2014)
National Putonghua Proficiency Certificate : attained 94/100
Prisca has a broad practice in general civil and commercial matters. She has worked on a wide variety of cases involving areas such as conveyancing, insurance, commercial, judicial review, land, probate, trust, market misconduct, personal injuries, mental health proceedings and family, with a specific interest in land, conveyancing, probate and trust matters.  As an advocate, Prisca has appeared as junior counsel or as an advocate in her own right in the Court of Final Appeal, the Court of Appeal, the Court of First Instance, the District Court, the Family Court, the Market Misconduct Tribunal and the Magistrates’ Courts.  Besides litigation, Prisca is a part-time lecturer (non-clinical) at the University of Hong Kong for the PCLL Property Litigation Course.  Prisca has also given CPD talks on contentious probate litigation in Hong Kong, and participated in mock arbitration demonstrations in Shanghai.  Apart from Cantonese, Prisca speaks Putonghua and Korean at a native level, and is experienced in dealing with PRC and international clients.

Selected Cases

Conveyancing and Property
Catherwood Limited v Feng Jin Liang & Ors HCA 1052/2014, acting for Catherwood Limited in a dispute relating to s.60 Conveyancing and Property Ordinance

Kiuwide Company Limited v The Secretary for Justice HCMP 253/2015, acting for Kiuwide Company Limited in a boundary dispute

Li Yan Ping v Multi Elite Limited & Ors HCA 1486/2014, acting for Multi Elite Limited in a conveyancing dispute

Lee Yuk Lap v Kwok Lai Kwan DCCJ 5528/2017, acting for Madam Lee Yuk Lap, in a case concerning water leakage and breach of the DMC
Civil and Commercial
The Hong Kong Housing Authority v Super Happy Investment Limited HCA 508/2017, acting for the Hong Kong Housing Authority in an assessment of damages hearing

Hong Kong Housing Society v Lau Sai Ming DCCJ 1625/2017 (Ongoing), acting for the Hong Kong Housing Society in a defamation case

Lau Sau King Elf v Hong Kong Housing Authority (Ongoing, DCPI 498/2016), acting for the Hong Kong Housing Authority in a personal injuries dispute

Mega Express Engineering Ltd v Shing Fung Machineries Leasing Co. Ltd & Ors HCA1903/2015 (Ongoing), acting for the Defendant in a construction dispute

Lau Siu To & Ors v Tak Ho Interior Design Limited HCA 2805/2016 (Ongoing), acting for the Defendant in a construction dispute

E F Design Limited v Ho Ching Mei DCCJ 981/2018 (Ongoing), acting for the Defendant in a construction dispute

Re Chinaplus Wines Limited HCCW220/2016, winding up petition and cited in Bar Circular 175/16 entitled “Practice Update on Companies (Winding-Up) Proceedings: Filing of Evidence in Opposition to Winding-Up Petitions” as directed by Harris J

Dah Sing Insurance Services Limited v Gill Gurbux Singh (2016) 19 HKCFAR 454, acting for Dah Sing Insurance Services Limited

The Incorporated Owners of Hamden Court v Megamiles Construction Co Limited HCCT 32/2014, acting for the Incorporated Owners of Hamden Court
Judicial Review
Man Hing Medical Supplies (International) Limited v The Director of Health & Ors [2015] 3 HKLRD 224, acting for Man Hing Medical Supplies

Chun Sai Wah v Hong Kong Housing Society and Another HCAL 56/2015, acting for the Hong Kong Housing Society
Yue Da Mining Holdings Limited (In the Market Misconduct Tribunal)

Contributing Editor, Hong Kong Civil Procedure 2015 – 2019 (Part H: Companies and Winding-up)

“How Fire Safety Directions affect a vendor’s ability to sell his property”, Hong Kong Lawyer (May 2018 edn)

“The Interpretation of Restrictive Covenants in Government Leases”, Conveyancing Litigation in Hong Kong, LexisNexis, 2017

“The China Free Trade Zone as viewed in International Public Trade Law”, Discussion of Civil and Commercial Law by Hong Kong Barristers, Chung Hwa Book Co. (HK) Limited., 2014 (in Chinese)

“Common law remedies in mis-selling cases”, Shanghai Lawyer 9April 2016 (edn) (in Chinese)

“The Applicability of the Secrecy Obligation under the Securities and Futures Ordinance to a Listing Applicant,” Hong Kong Lawyer (July 2016 edn)
Other related practice
Part-time Lecturer (non-clinical) at the University of Hong Kong (PCLL Property Litigation)
CPD Talks
Contentious Probate and Administrative Proceedings Update
Public Services
Committee member, Greater China Affairs Committee, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2014)
Committee member, Special Committee on Young Barristers, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2015)
Languages Spoken
Native in English, Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua, having attained 94/100 in the National Putonghua Proficiency Certificate) and Korean. 
Fluent in French (speaker for over 15 years).


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