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Brian Chok束文浩大律師

Academic Qualifications
LLB (City University of Hong Kong)
LLM (University of Cambridge)
Scholarships and Prizes
Iu Ting Kwok Prize
PCLL Admission Scholarship
Robertsons Prize
Moot Court Prize Scholarship
Overall Champion, 5th International Criminal Court Trial Competition (2012) 
Overall Champion, Susan J Ferrell Intercultural Human Rights Moot Court Competition (2011-2012)
Public Services
Committee Member, Great China Affairs Standing Committee, Hong Kong Bar Association (since 2016)
Following his completion of pupillages with Mr. Bernard Chung, Ms. Elaine Liu, Mr. Andrew Mak and Mr. Richard Khaw SC, Brian became a member of Sir Oswald Cheung’s Chambers in 2016.
Brian is developing a mixed practice. On the civil side, he has mainly advised on corporate matters, including insolvency, shareholders’ disputes, company trusts, commercial contracts and disqualification of directors, etc.  He also regularly represents the Official Receiver at Monday call-over hearings in winding-up and bankruptcy cases.  Brian’s practice also focuses on land-matters such as adverse possession, building management, tenancy interpretation and construction of DMCs.  In addition, he also handles personal injuries cases representing construction companies and registered car owners.
For criminal matters, Brian regularly prosecutes at Magistrates’ Courts and had the experience of defending clients in cases concerning sexual indecency, agent accepting/soliciting an advantage, traffic-offences, trafficking in dangerous drugs, etc.
Outside his practice, Brian has given CPD seminars to Hong Kong solicitors on injunctions, enforcement of Mainland judgments and arbitral awards, building management, and property litigation. In addition, he was a coach of the International Criminal Court Trial Competition Moot Team of City University of Hong Kong from 2016 to 2017.
Prior to his full practice, Brian developed his interest and knowledge in arbitration working as a legal intern at the Secretariat of the International Chamber of Commerce International Court of Arbitration (Asia Office).
CPD Talks
“The Practical Aspects of Injunctions in Litigation” (with Andrew Mak and Carol Wong)
“PRC Cross Broader Litigation Part II: Recognition and Enforcement of the PRC Judgment and Arbitral Award in Hong Kong” (with Andrew Mak and Chantel Lin)
“Practical Aspects of Building Management and Property Litigation” (with Andrew Mak and Carol Wong)
Multi-Storey Building Litigation”(with Andrew Mak and Carol Wong)
Brian Man-ho Chok, ‘Let the Responsible be Responsible – The Judicial Oversight and Over-Optimism of the International Court of Justice in the Arrest Warrant Case and the Falling of the Head of State Immunity Doctrine in International and Domestic Courts’ (2015) 30 American University International Law Review 490.
Brian Man-ho Chok, ‘The Struggle between the Doctrines of Universal Jurisdiction and Head of State Immunity’ (2014) 20(2) UC Davis Journal of International Law and Policy 233.
Selected Cases
> Target Way (HK) Limited v Tollegno Far East Co. Limited and others (HCMP 2755/2017) (led by Mike Lui) – unfair prejudice petition against the Company concerning unfair shareholder loan agreements.
Target Way (HK) Limited v New Run Heng Trading Co. Limited (HCA 1257/2017) (led by Mike Lui) – repayment of shareholder loans against the Company.
Re LeTV Sports Culture Develop (Hong Kong) Co. Limited (HCCW 249/2017) – representing one of the creditors in opposing the winding-up order.
Re Huaxin Investment Holding Limited (HCCW 113/2011) (led by Elaine Liu) – representing the liquidators in a s. 182 Cap.32 application and resisting a claim for variation of adjudication on proof of debts
Personal Injuries
Tsui Choi Fa v Lam Yuet Ping and Others (HCPI 442/2014) – representing the Main Contractor and sub-contractor concerning an accident taken place at a construction site in a personal injuries action.
Chan Chiu Tung v Cheng Ka Fai Philip and Another (HCPI 575/2017) – representing the registered car-owner concerning a motor-cycle accident in a personal injuries action.
Great Tower Development Limited v The Incorporated Owners of Luso Apartments (DCCJ 2308/2017) – representing the IO in defending an alleged water seepage from common area and counterclaiming for outstanding management fees
Chan Wing Kin and Others v The Incorporated Owners of Covent Garden (LDBM 279/2017) – representing the Applicants in arguing the user of the car-park includes the car-parking space owners, not being a residential flat owner.
KTL Management Limited and Another v The Incorporated Owners of Fu Hang Industrial Building (LDBM 260/2016) (led by Andrew Mak) – representing the IO concerning illegal structures and breaches of DMC and statutory duties under BMO.
Wai Woo Brothers Industrial Company Limited v The Incorporated Owners of Fu Hang Industrial Building (LDBM 31/2017) (led by Andrew Mak) – representing the IO concerning illegal structures and breaches of DMC and statutory duties under BMO.
The Incorporated Owners of Remex Centre and Another v Leo’s Fine Food Company Limited and Another (DCCJ 4150/2017) (led by Andrew Mak) – representing the IO concerning recovery of damages in a water seepage case.
Tsuei Sheng Chen and Another v Tsuei Ka Yee Grace (HCA 3388/2016) – representing the Plaintiffs to seek an injunction, recovery of land and damages for trespass to person.
General Civil
Kwok Wai Tak v Lee Yuk Hing (HCA 2807/2016) – representing the Defendant in opposing a discovery application in a trust case.
Intellectual Property
Akris Pret-A-Porter AG v Akris (Hong Kong) Limited (HCA 2001/2016) – representing the Plaintiff to seek an injunction in a passing-off action.
Maison Joseph Battat Ltee v HK Nukied Industrial Limited (HCA 3154/2016) –representing the Plaintiff to seek an injunction in a passing-off action.
Guangzhou Walkera Technology Co. Ltd v Sung Yung trading as Chrmic Trading Company (HCA 900/2017) – representing the Plaintiff in a security for costs application in a passing-off action.

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