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Lau Ka Kin劉家健大律師

Lau Ka Kin has a broad commercial and civil practice, with a particular focus on financial services.  K.K. has represented regulators, listed companies, their shareholders and directors.  He is also developing an international arbitration practice.

Between 2009 and 2015, K.K. was a litigation solicitor.  He was recognised by Legal 500 as a “helpful and knowledgeable associate”.
Selected Cases
Administrative & Public Law
> Law Fei Shing v The Disciplinary Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accounts and Another [2019] HKCA 770
Judicial review of interlocutory process of disciplinary proceedings

Commercial Dispute Resolution
> Hong Dau Construction Company Limited v The Incorporated Owners of Garden Vista HCA 2290/2016, 8.9.2017
Admissibility of third party’s conviction of conspiracy in civil proceedings, rule in Hollington v Hewthorn considered

> Ma Wai Chiu v Ng Kin Fai Richard and others HCA 61/2017, 20.1.2017
Whether to grant injunction restraining the defendants from dealing with income generated from alleged diversion of business (led by Victor Dawes SC)

Family / Matrimonial
> CWK v YCHS & Another [2018] HKFC 52
Costs order nisi and functus officio

Financial Services
> Securities and Futures Commission v Mo Shau Wah and others [2018] HKCA 370; [2018] 3 HKLRD 356
Test for variation of Mareva injunction opposed by intervener

> Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited v Yip Shiu Cheong [2018] HKDC 593
Service and setting aside summary judgment

> Hong Kong Asset Management Limited v The Registrar of Companies HCMP 2177/2017, 10.11.2017
Whether time for registration of share charge should be extended

> Securities and Futures Commission v Mo Shau Wah and others HCA 353/2013, 25.7.2017; [2017] 4 HKLRD 347
Whether assets subject to injunction should be released to the defendant to pay legal expenses

International Arbitration
> HKIAC award, 23.7.2018
Represented a respondent in its US$3.3 million dispute with a Tokyo-listed company regarding a sale of shares agreement

Personal Injury
> 郭生琼作為 2015年 8月 5日法庭命令委任為死者馬黑皮的遺產代表人and another v 黃文俊 and others [2019] HKCFI 909
Whether the registered owner of vessel is liable under the Occupiers Liability Ordinance and whether the settlement agreement should be set aside for misrepresentation, duress or undue influence

Professional Discipline
> The Registrar of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants v Cheung Yiu Hung [2018] HKCA 463
Appeal from sanctions imposed by disciplinary committee

> The Registrar of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants v Chan Bing Chung [2018] HKCA 158
Appeal by engagement quality control reviewer against disciplinary committee’s finding and sanctions

> The Registrar of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants v X and another CACV 244/2016, 20.10.2017; [2017] 5 HKLRD 568
Natural justice and costs of disciplinary proceedings (led by Horace Wong SC)

Real Estate Litigation
> 鄧添柱 v 潘德俊 and others [2019] HKCFI 1806
Striking out conspiracy claim relating to sale of land by managers of tso/tong

> The Incorporated Owners of Garden Vista v Chen Jin Ru Catherine [2018] HKDC 827
Whether proceedings commenced by originating summons should be converted to writ action due to allegations of bid-rigging and conspiracy

> Ardis International Kindergarten Limited v Tang Kai Ming, Kenneth and others [2018] HKDC 531
Application for leave to appeal from District Court judgment

> Ardis International Kindergarten Limited v Tang Kai Ming, Kenneth and others DCCJ 4649/2015, 17.11.2017
Landlord’s covenants of non-derogation from grant and quiet enjoyment

> Lam Cheuk Ting and others v Lai Kwok Leung and another LDBM 297/2015, 20.9.2017
Whether the applicants should have costs of the proceedings discontinued after a respondent gave and complied with his undertaking to Court

> 陳錦棠 & Others v 翠湖花園業主立案法團  LDBM 35/2015, 18.8.2017
Whether the inspection of documents applied for is for a proper purpose


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