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Lau Ka Kin劉家健大律師

Other Professional Qualifications 

2009-2015 Solicitor (Hong Kong)

Lau Ka Kin is developing a broad commercial and civil practice.  K. K. has a particular interest in cases involving the Securities and Futures Ordinance.  He has also been instructed for financial crime.

Before transferring to the Bar, K. K. qualified as a solicitor in 2009 and worked in the litigation department of Reed Smith Richards Butler.  He was recognised by Legal 500 as a “helpful and knowledgeable associate”.

Selected Cases
Hong Dau Construction Company Limited v The Incorporated Owners of Garden Vista HCA 2290/2016, 8.9.2017
Admissibility of third party’s conviction of conspiracy in civil proceedings, rule in Hollington v Hewthorn considered

陳錦棠  and others v 翠湖花園業主立案法團  LDBM 35/2015, 18.8.2017
Whether the inspection of documents applied for is for a proper purpose
Securities and Futures Commission v Mo Shau Wah and others HCA 353/2013, 25.7.2017
Whether assets subject to injunction should be released to the defendant to pay legal expenses

Ma Wai Chiu v Ng Kin Fai Richard and others HCA 61/2017, 20.1.2017
Whether to grant injunction restraining the defendants from dealing with income generated from alleged diversion of business (led by Victor Dawes SC)
Public Services
Member, Standing Committee on Professional Development, Hong Kong Bar Association

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