1984 (HK)
1984 (Eng & Wales)
Inner Bar:
2000 (HK)
Tel No:(852) 2524 2156
Fax:(852) 2801 7134
Ambrose Ho, S.C.何沛謙資深大律師

Academic Qualifications
LLB   (1983)
LLM  (1984)

Public Services
Appeal Tribunal (Buildings) (1997-2008)
Vice-Chairman, Hong Kong Bar Association (2003-2005)
Consumer Council (2003-2013)
Air Pollution Control Appeal Board (2004-2008)
Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission (2005-2009)
Administrative Appeals Board (2005-2008)
Telecommunications (Competitive Provisions) Appeal Board (2005-2008)
Recorder, Court of First Instance of High Court (2006-2014)
Broadcasting Authority (2008-2012)
Communications Authority (2012-2017)
Private Columbaria Appeal Board (2017-Present)
Air Transport Licensing Authority (2018–Present)
Hospital Authority (2018-Present)
InnoHK Steering Committee (2019-Present)

Edward Chan, S.C. Audrey Eu, S.C. Alice Mok, Q.C. S.C. Ambrose Ho, S.C. Horace Wong, S.C. Li Chau Yuen, S.C.
Andrew Y. S. Mak Margaret Ng Nelson L. Miu Maurice J. Chan Lee Tung Ming Simon B. C. Chan
Wallace Cheung Michael Yin Paul H. M. Leung Tommy Lo Thomas Lee Elaine Liu
Damian Wong Nancy Y. P. Ngai Joyce Leung Kenneth Chung David W. K. Tang Matthew Ho
Desmond H. K. Leung Norman Nip Verna Lui Clark Wang Isaac Chan Ken To
Kate Poon Jonathan K. W. Lee Selina Kung Jeremy T. Y. Kwong Adrian C. K. Wong Adrian T. But
Alexsander S. T. Wong Julian C.P. Yeung Leon Ho Justin Tong Christine Yu Carol Wong
Andrew C. Y. Tse Prisca Cheung Chantel Lin Nicholas Oh Leonard H.T. Chow Albert Chan
Angie Yan Roger Phang Christy Wong Winnie Li Brian Chok Avery Chan
Lau Ka Kin Justin P. Ismail Jeff Chan Jolie M.H. Kung Francis H.C. Chung Li Pak Hei
Kelly Shum Julia Ming-hao Au
Non-practising Barrister
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