2008 (HK)
CEDR Accredited Mediator
HKIAC Accredited Mediator (General)
HKMC Accredited Mediator
Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators
Tel No:(852) 2524 2156
Fax:(852) 2525 9255
Ken To杜中大律師

Academic Qualifications

BA (Economics) (University of Chicago) (2001)
MA (International Relations) (University of Chicago) (2001)
BA (Law) (University of Cambridge) (2005)
LLM (University College London) (2006)
MA (University of Cambridge) (2009)
Other Professional Qualifications
CEDR Accredited Mediator (2007)
HKIAC Accredited Mediator (General) (2008)
HKMC Accredited Mediator (2010)
Fellow, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (2010)
Practises in all areas of civil, commercial and chancery work
Public Services
Pro Bono Mediator (since 2007)
Pro Bono Legal Consultant (since 2009)
Butterworth Hong Kong Mediation Practical Guide, published by Lexis-Nexis in 2010 – Sole Author
Selected Cases
> International Arbitration: represented an American manufacturer in a dispute with its PRC sub-contractor over a claim of HK$90 million
> International Arbitration: represented an American-Vietnamese distributor of a well-known Chinese ointment in a dispute with a HK-listed company
> International Arbitration: represented a PRC activated carbon manufacturer and distributor in a dispute with its US business partner over a claim of RMB21 million
> Domestic Arbitration: represented a HK construction contractor in a dispute with its sub-contractor over a claim of HK$6 million
Probate & Administration
> Fok Chun Yue Benjamin v Fok Chun Wan Ian (HCA 2155/2011) (stay of proceedings by executor-cum-beneficiary against co-executor of will)
> Shih Wen Hsia Bessie v King Arnold Theo (HCAP 9/2012) (passing over an administrator and notion of son)
> Anmol Sawlani v Yeshma Sawlani (HCAP 11/2014) (s.5(2) of Wills Ordinance, deemed execution and embodiment of testamentary intention of a will)
> Mak Yuk King v Personal Representative of Wong Wah Wai, Deceased (concubine’s beneficiary interest under Donatio Mortis Causa and constructive trust)
> Gao Wei Bing v Nanyang Commercial Bank Trustee Ltd (HCA 2125/2007) (Republic of China succession law, executor de son tort and s.20(1)(b) of Limitation Ordinance)
> Re LG (HCMH 78/2012) (application for the appointment of a Committee for MIP under Mental Health Ordinance and guardian ad litem; relocation of MIP)
> Wong Chi Keung v Personal Representative of Zhou Donghai, Deceased (HCA 137/2011) (proceedings by and against Estates under O.15r6A)
> Lau Sau San v Leung Shun Fai (DCMP 31/2009) (inheritance provisions under Cap.481)
> Re Estate of Zhang Wen Jiang (HCMP 2508/2003) (costs of administration proceedings by administrator/solicitors personally)
Securities & Civil Fraud
> Re China Railway Logistics Ltd (HK Stock Exchange Disciplinary Hearing)
> Re Michael Koh (Insider Dealing)
> Zhao Wen Shui v Credit Suisse AG (HCA 1823/2013) (misselling of ELN, FX and derivative products)
> Chang Pui Ying v Bank of Singapore (HCA 76/2011) (misselling of accumulators; mediation)
> Yuen Kin Chor v HSBC (misselling of credit default swaps; mediation)
> Chu Ru Ying Alice v Citibank (HK) Ltd (HCA 1820/2009) (FX margin trading; mediation)
> Chan Chi To Antony v CSN Group Holdings Ltd (HCA 838/2009) (share option dispute)
> EOS HK Ltd v Speed Footwear (HCA 39/2012) (commercial fraud; factoring of receivables)
> Nexgen Energy Holdings v NET Ltd (HCA 1706/2013) (commercial fraud; money-laundering)
> Yau Sang Galvanizers v Choi Kam Ming (HCA 1184/2008) (conspiracy to defraud)
Companies and Insolvency
> Yung Shiu Ying v Hong Kong Sailing Federation (HCMP 2395/2008)(law of meetings; irregularity of resolutions)
> Wu Oi Kuen v Lutheran Philip House Ltd (HCMP 193/2010) (s.168A unfair prejudice)
> In the matter of Dragonet Ltd (HCMP 551/2012) (s.122 application)
> In the matter of Mineral Embassy (HK) Ltd (HCCW 205/2013) (winding up of company)
> In the matter of Successful Oily Trading Co (HCMP 840/2013) (dissolution of partnership)
> In the matter of Cheng Chao Ming (the Bankrupt) (HCB 18932/2002) (s.30A(3) of the Bankruptcy Ordinance, extending period of bankruptcy more than once)
> In the matter of Ho Yuk Wah David (the Bankrupt) (HCB 3819/2011) 

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Non-practising Barrister
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